March 26, 2011

Habs Rant

I just do not get the Montreal Canadiens. There are days when they shine, and there are days when they totally stink. Now, don't get me wrong, I will always be a fan, but being a fan and being a guy who wants his team to win can often lead to some hard opinions.
This whole writeup is pretty much going to tell you what I think of my boys. Take a deep breath. Here we go.

Coaching - There is nothing to like about the coaching team the Canadiens have, save for one thing which I will touch on in a minute. They currently employ Jacques Martin, arguably the most boring man to watch in hockey history. He rarely ever speaks to his team on the benches, he never argues a call, he never speaks up, never gets involved and never changes facial expressions. One has to wonder that if he is so detached and bland during a game, how exciting and hard can a team practice be? The extent of his reaction to the Pacioretty hit was to purse his lips. Jesus man, get involved will you? I wont even broach the subject of his shitty and stupid defensive shell hockey.
The only voice the team hears on the bench is Kirk Muller, one of my favorite old timers, and possibly the only reason the Habs are where they are right now. And he is done at the end of the season. So....get ready for assistant coach Perry Pearn? God help us all.

Management - Pierre Gauthier. Huge thumbs down to this bonehead. He makes poor deals, makes worse selections in the drafts, (who have they drafted that is playing top shelf hockey for them right now? oh yeah....nobody) and is too connected to his buddy Jacques to see that he is the wrong fit for the team

The Players - Ok this will be a LONG breakdown. I will preface it by saying that i dont like any of the current roster as a rule. Some have shining moments, but most are just average players. Now before you tear me a new one, listen up: The Canadiens do not have a top 3 lineup. They have 3 bottom 6 lineups. They have no superstar, they have moderate skills and they havent got a chance in hell of getting one soon.
Now, that said, here we go:

Tomas Plekanec - Our points leader is a 3rd round draft pick. He went 71st, and is never really going to have a breakout season. That we pay him 5 or 6 million a year, since he IS our points leader is a shame. The man has never scored 30 goals!!!! He will never be better than a 2nd line center in my mind. hes good, but he sure isnt great.

James Wisniewski - Really, this guy is the only player I enjoy watching on the team He gets a load of points, and has a howitzer of a shot. Problem is, he is a train wreck in his own end. Sloppy turnovers, poor passing and just skating away from the puck are common with the Wizzer. That said, he is as tough as nails. Ask Jordan Tootoo. But too expensive in my opinion.

Brian Gionta - I would call him the best forward on the team. He shoots a ton and scores accordingly. The right choice for Captain. No complaints about his play, but i question his leadership, since he obviously isn't leading Scott Gomez to his potential. Speaking of Gomez...

Scott Gomez - This is the worst pickup in Habs history. No idea what they were thinking, but the blew it when they offered this tit 8 million. Seriously, he has had one 30+ goal season in his career. Why does this make him worth more than anyone else on the team? His passes are shitty, his shots are shitty, his ethic is shitty and his hockey sense went out the door years ago. Oh but hes fast. He will fit right in. Hate this Hasbeen/Neverwas.

Micheal Cammalleri - Not suprisingly, hes not scoring goals. This is a 2nd rounder who has only twice scored 30+ in his career. And they call him our top sniper? Jesus, he spends most of his shot on his knees, how much accuracy is he sacrificing for power? I dont blame him for not scoring, i just dont think he is a top shelf player. (sensing a theme here?)

Andrei Kostitsyn - A Tenth overall pick who has never really showed up for a full season. He has great potential but he never really has his head in a full schedule. I wonder if the scouts actually look at the patterns and minds of the people they are hunting....Too erratic for me to like.

P.K. Subban - Will never deny his raw talent, but what i dont like about him is his inability to rein hiimself in. After that hat trick of his, he did nothing but show off all game, drop the puck and miss his checks. he is just too young for me to appreciate. That said, he can be dynamic and fun to watch. But not often enough.

Roman Hamrlik - Ok, he is fine enough of a hockey player, but he is both too old and too slow to be considered a premiere player. 36 is just shy of my age, and i know im too old to keep up with these guys.

Benoit Pouliot - Are you kidding me? 4th overall, and he has never once had a 20 goal season? Another player who comes to work to watch games go by. Hes just not good enough for the NHL. 3rd liner at best. And again, this is our 1st draft pick. a third liner.

You know what? i was going to write this blog covering every player on the roster, but i think you get the point. The Habs are terribly broken, and they have NOT got the players to get fixed. There isnt much point in drawing out the unavoidable. They will lose in the 1st round.

And it wont be pretty, but it will be deserved.