July 9, 2011

Travelling with a Tyger

Over the last year, most of you who know me by my Twitter name @Hfxhabby, also know my sister TygerLylly. You probably also know that she has often taken time to include me in her blog.

Well its time for a little revenge on the Tyger.

Most recently, my sister and I went with our Mother to Montreal to watch the Habs lose a playoff game against Boston. While the game was a total bust, I hadnt been to a live game in 30 yrs, and enjoyed every second of the Bell Centre. (to the point of losing my voice for 3 days after I returned home)

But we also took the car for the trip, which is a good solid 16 hour drive. So teamwork is essential on a long drive like that. As we drove through New Brunswick, The women fell asleep whilst I carried on like the trooper I am, and with the GPS unit turned off (I do know my way to Quebec) I made good time.
Once the ladies woke up, the first question was our location.
"Just past Moncton, about 2 hours from Fredericton" came the reply.

"WHAT?" my sister and mother cried.."Jesus Rene, thats a 7 hour detour, why didnt you head towards Saint John? thats only an hour or so?"

They basically went apoplectic, screaming at my navigational skills. They also took every opportunity to deride my decision to turn off the GPS.

"I know which way I'm going, I swear, i have NEVER gone through Saint John to get to Quebec...I always go towards Quebec City...ALWAYS" I retorted. In truth, I was pretty pissed. After all, they had both napped a mere 4 hours into our trip, AND seemed to think I was adding a quarter day to the trip.

After a pulloff to obtain the advice of the GPS, which proved to be as helpful as a match in an oilwell, we (meaning they) decided we would press on in my chosen direction.

I suffered every abuse known to man until we passed a road Mom recognized. At which point, both of my sideseat drivers sheepishly admitted that the Saint John detour they remembered so vividly was from their trip to the United States. Needless to say, I then turned the tables, criticizing two of the worst navigators since Bill and Ted.

I wont even go into the return trip, in which the Mom-unit and I had to team drive as a twosome, thanks to Tygs remarkable stamina for long road trips. (see photo)

This is but one incident in years and years of knowing my sister. I could mention the time she was a younger lady who popped out of a closet to scare the bejeezus out of her 80 odd year old grandmother.

Or the time she had a bug in her car on the highway, and pulled over screaming...(a personal favorite story of mine)

Or even the time, way back when we were kids that she came out of her bedroom on her hands and knees practically crying, due to a cramp in each of her big toes.

But would I do that to my big sister? Would I embarass her online?

Fuck yes


  1. You BASTARD! Of course you realize... this means WAR!

  2. Nice one and she always says such nice things about you - I am sure she appreciates this post LOl. But then again, turn about is fair play - I just have four words for you...

    Oh Your Poor Mother.

  3. @Laura My thoughts exactly. Revenge is a dish best served with two stones in a bush they say.

    @Tyg You declared war on me a long time ago. this is just my first salvo ;)

  4. Ah, sibling love. There's just nothing like it. :)